Goal-Exceeding Projects

Fulfilled People




We believe in extremely organized, proactive management of projects and processes. We believe reactive management leads to pain in construction.



We will be relentless in the pursuit of information and commitments needed to ensure that our projects exceed their goals. A task is not finished until the desired outcome is achieved. If another stakeholder is falling behind in deliverables, remind them and lift them up so that the mission is achieved.


Pride in Performance

Very simply, we are proud of our work. Life is short and we have chosen this field out of many options as a calling, we are going to make it count. Whether it is the cleanliness of an ongoing project or a flawless final build, we take deep pride in what we do.



Clients hire us because they have confidence in us and our ability to hit dates, budgets, and quality metrics. Although always collaborative, our teams will achieve desired outcomes without outside direction or management.


Solutions Oriented

Every construction project is going to have its challenges and hurdles. We operate in a framework that a solution should be presented along with any problem.


Transparency & Integrity

Our word is everything to us. We do not always tell people what they want to hear, but we do always communicate honestly and truthfully.


Attention to Detail

Construction is all about the details. The details combine to create the overall outcome. We dig into our projects thoroughly — from early-stage submittal review through flawless punch out.


Empathy & Understanding

We put ourselves in others shoes. We are aware of the needs and feelings of both our team and our clients. We are compassionate, respectful, and accountable.



Having started small, we did a lot with a little. Through this we learned that creativity and grit can teach resourcefulness. Always look for the best long term economic option for each cost related decision. Avoid the ease of overspending.


Doyle Construction Company traces its roots back four generations to The J&M Doyle Construction Company. We are still committed to the methodical, result-driven approach that our ancestors believed in over a century ago. Doyle Construction Company provides preconstruction services, design/build solutions, and project management duties in the Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Northeast regions of the United States. Our clients range from the largest of the Fortune 500 to small local firms.

Michael J. Doyle founded Doyle Construction Company on the principle that owners respect and value a trustworthy construction firm that completes not only a timely and cost-effective project, but also a high quality one. We work closely with our clients to ensure that all expectations are met and indeed exceeded. The Doyle team looks forward to building relationships with new clients while strengthening our bonds with our current partners.


We truly take pride in the craftsmanship of our projects. We demand the highest grade work from ourselves and from our subcontractors. We work closely with architects and owners’ representatives to be certain that their visions are met. The job is not done until our client is completely satisfied—we aim to build more than just buildings.


Doyle Construction analyzes all monetary aspects of our projects to make sure that our clients are getting the absolute best value. We subject all requisitions to a controlling budget and continuously monitor our construction costs. We do not endorse markups on change order work and we carefully scrutinize all subcontractor estimates by reviewing materials and labor costs.


When it comes to safety, Doyle Construction strives for perfection. Sending our workers and our subcontractors home to their families, injury free, each night is our number one daily operations expectation. Our belief is simple: all accidents are preventable.


At Doyle Construction, we hold the belief that achieving success also entails a responsibility to give back to the communities we serve. Our company and its staff actively allocate both time and resources towards supporting various organizations. We recognize that by supporting these organizations, we can help make a positive impact and create a better future for those who live and work in our communities.