Michael Doyle Jr.

president & ceo

Michael Doyle, Jr is President and CEO of Doyle Construction Company. Michael joined the company as the third team member in 2010. During his time with Doyle, Michael has served in several positions across all aspects of the business. In 2013, Michael became a shareholder in the company and has been on the Board of Directors since that time.

In his current role, Michael is responsible for conceiving and driving the strategy to transition Doyle from a local, commercial construction firm to a national, diversified construction group.

Before becoming the President and CEO, Michael served as Executive Vice President from 2018 to 2023 where he worked closely with the Project Management, Field, Preconstruction, Business Development and Human Resources Division Heads. From 2013-2018, Michael served as Vice President where he oversaw estimating, operations, and administrative functions. From 2010-2013, in the early days of the business, Michael managed projects while also personally handling all hiring, estimating, book keeping, and HR.

While at work, there is nothing Michael enjoys more than spending time onsite and thinking about ways to improve the business. During his time away from Doyle, Michael enjoys gardening and spending time with family.


16 years


“The game taught me the game” – Jesse Livermore


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