Mike Kennedy

Mike has over 7 years construction safety-related experience. When not working, he is in full time dad mode. His motto is to do his best at every task in front of him while instilling this in his colleagues and children.

Martins Jonass

Adrian D.

Adrian has been working in construction since 2012 with an extensive portfolio in the government and public sectors. One of his favorite projects was working on Riverside Building D because it was his first medical building project.

Alexandra S.
Human Resources Manager

As our HR Manager, Alexandra focuses on strong employee engagement through promoting a positive company culture, transparent communication, and a commitment to developing our employee’s talents. She believes a successful workplace stems from dedicated and hardworking employees that are always willing to learn something new.

Amanda V.
Project Manager

Amanda holds a Civil Engineering degree from the University of Maryland. One of her favorite projects, Life Time fitness, had unique features such as a rock climbing wall, pool, and sauna. In her spare time, Amanda enjoys being on the water on her jet ski or at the beach.

Ben W.
Senior Project Manager

Ben has over 12 years of project management experience across multiple sectors with a primary focus on industrial projects. He holds a Master's degree from Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania, and Bachelor's degree from Pennsylvania College of Technology.

Brad D.
Project Manager

Since 2017, Brad has experience working in the Mixed-Use, Higher Education, and Commercial sectors. One of his favorite projects at Doyle was working on Riverside Building D, which entailed high-end interior finishes. In his free time, he enjoys skiing in the winter and spending summers at the beach!

Brett J.

Brett began his construction career in 2019 with Doyle, initially as an assistant superintendent. While in the field, he had the opportunity to work on his favorite project: Lidl in District Heights, Maryland. This experience allowed him to learn all the essential aspects of the construction industry. In his free time, Brett enjoys playing golf, outings with his wife and dog, and trips to Tallahassee, Florida for a Florida State football game.

Thomas D.

Tom brings over 40 years of construction experience ranging from residential, commercial, industrial, and retail sectors. He enjoys traveling, live music, boating, snorkeling and scuba diving. Hanging out by a fire with family and friends enjoying a good meal makes for one of his favorite things to do!

Chris F.
Assistant Project Manager

Chris has been working in construction since 2020 after graduating from George Mason University where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil and Infrastructure Engineering. He has experience in corporate interiors, multi-family base building and grocery stores. In his spare time, he like to game, listen to Hi-Fi music, collect whisky, or stream his favorite shows.

Curt D.
Senior Superintendent

Dennis P.
Assistant Superintendent

Dennis started his construction career in 2018 working in the private sector. He enjoys working on the Gude retail and self-storage project, due to the complexity of adjoining two buildings. In his spare time, Dennis is a wrestling coach, deer hunts, and loves traveling to Emerald Isle.

Derrick M.
Sr. Lead Estimator

Derrick has been working in construction professionally since 2007, with experience ranging from multi-family, industrial, storage, auto, public, grocery and medical sectors. He enjoys hiking, biking, and anything outdoors!

Dest C.
Assistant Superintendent

Dest joins Doyle with a master’s degree from the University of Maryland and experience working in hospitality and residential construction. Her passions include coaching basketball, real estate, cooking and baking.

Drake M.

Drake has been working in construction since 2018, having experience in a wide range of sectors including retail, public, government, multi-family, and hospitality. In the start of his career, he worked in the subcontractor field gaining experience and education to set his foundation for becoming a superintendent. His favorite hobbies include any extreme sports such as snowboarding, boating, or on the MX tracks.

Eliana M.
Office Manager

Eliana graduated from Towson University with a B.S. degree. She currently works as the Office Manager at Doyle Construction Company. In her role, Eliana manages day-to-day office tasks, collects weekly field and project management reports, and assists the finance department. She also supports the leadership team in their daily activities, contributing to the smooth operation of the company.

Fred W.
Training Manager

Fred embarked on his construction journey nearly five decades ago and has remained an invaluable cornerstone of Doyle since its inception. His wealth of industry knowledge has been an asset to the company and all his peers. His favorite completed project was the Kroger grocery store expansion and remodel in Christiansburg, Virginia, due to the complexity of the project.

Jami R.
Assistant Project Manager

Jami earned her bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from UMD. Her favorite project is working on the complex 6th District Police Station, giving her an overview of almost everything that happens in construction! Jami has a passion for travel, with Iceland being at the top of her list of destinations.

Jason D.

Jason has been working in commercial construction since 2006. His career experience has combined both building and wrecking buildings, with doing both construction and demolition. Jason has a strong passion for audiobooks.

Jim G.

Jim has been working in construction for over 35 years with experience in the residential and commercial sectors. He is fully licensed to operate heavy equipment. His hobbies include designing and building projects using reclaimed materials.


Since 2015, JD has valuable experience in industries including Senior Living, Grocery, Auto, Medical, and Restaurants. The Koons Lincoln dealership marks one of his favorite projects, showcasing high-end finishes. JD thrives in fast-paced project environments and believes the bigger the challenge, the better! Outside of work, he prioritizes weekend beach trips with the family.

Joe M.

Joe boasts over 35 years of experience in the construction industry, having climbed the ranks from a field engineer to head engineer, chief engineer, assistant superintendent, and finally his current role as superintendent. Outside of his professional life, Joe enjoys cooking and playing backgammon.

Joey R.

Jonathan L.

Jonathan has 28 years of supervising / management construction experience. Many of his notable projects are in the federal and public sectors.

John P.

John has over 25 years construction experience. He enjoys bass fishing and all water sports!

Kevin O.
Field Manager

Kevin has been in the construction industry since 2010, with past experience in surveying and concrete work. Kevin has successfully combined working as both an Assistant Project Manager and Field Manager / Superintendent, drawing his expertise on both the project management and field sides. When he’s not immersed in construction, Kevin enjoys playing guitar, writing and trips to the beach.

Kian M.
Senior Project Manager

Kian has 17 years of experience in the construction industry. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from University of Toledo and Azad University (Karaj, Iran).

Luke G.
Assistant Project Manager

Luke graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Maryland, and started his career with Doyle after previously gaining experience in restoration and repair work. He grew up with a passion for construction and brings a wealth of hands-on expertise in the demolition, drywall, and flooring trades. One of Luke’s hidden talents is that he can do comedic impressions!

Maksym A.
Project Manager

Mark H.

Matthew M.
Quality Control Manager

Matt brings over a decade of experience in construction, spanning the Civil, Renovation, Commercial, and Residential sectors. His expertise encompasses masonry, concrete, soils, and civil inspections. Matthew loves contributing to the 6th District Police Station project, a valuable addition to the Gaithersburg community. Outside of work, he is an avid soccer player!

Matt P.
Assistant Project Manager

Matt obtained his Bachelor of Science degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology and is currently pursuing his Master of Engineering in Engineering Management at the University at Buffalo. He enjoys working on the Times Dispatch Self Storage project due to the complexity of constructing seven buildings concurrently. Matt's hobbies include lacrosse, hockey, and he loves traveling to Aruba!

Michael O.
Assistant Estimator

Nick D.
Project Manager

Nick holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Limestone College and has been working in the construction industry since 2014. His expertise extends across Mechanical Design & Sales, as well as Project Management roles.

Patrick C.
Assistant Superintendent

Since 2008, Patrick has worked in the construction industry with a background in the carpentry/millwork trades. Patrick spends his free time on the ice as a semi-professional hockey player.

Rosalinda C.
Assistant Controller

Ryan K.

Russell Y.
Project Manager

Russell has been in the construction industry for over 25 years with an extensive background in the public and grocery sectors. On his days off, Russell enjoys hunting and riding his side by side.

Samarth R.
Project Manager

Samarth has been working in construction since 2020 after receiving a Master's in Civil Engineering (Project Management) from University of Maryland. Since starting at Doyle, his favorite project to date was working on Amazon Fresh Manassas, which is the largest store in the AF network. In his free time, he enjoys cooking and billiards.

Shreeyukti S.
Project Engineer

Shreeyukti, our dedicated Project Engineer, holds a Master's degree in Building Construction and Facilities Management from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Shree's hometown is Nepal, and is now one of her most favored places to visit now that she lives in the United States. When not working, she loves to craft mandalas and read.

Skander B.

Skander has worked in the construction industry since 2015, bringing demolition experience to Doyle. Notably, he took part in the disaster response efforts during the flooding in Ellicott City. Goodwill is Skander’s favorite project, as it represents his first ground-up project involvement. Some of his hobbies include rock climbing, exercising, sim racing and traveling to OBX!

Steve P.
Senior Superintendent

Steve has 29 years of experience working in the construction industry. In those 29 years, he spent 17 years in the HVAC/R field. His project experience ranges from ground-up, retail, and fitness.

Tomasz B.
Assistant Project Manager